Evolution of Technology and Sports

Almost everyone would probably agree that technology is constantly evolving. We have seen how wearable devices, smart analytics and artificial intelligence introduced and changed people’s lives. It is safe to say that technology empowers people. Some may be subconscious about it but it’s embedded deeply in our lives from travelling, work, health, daily routine and even sports.

Sports and Technology

You have read it right, sports have gradually integrated technology. There are several instances in which its presence is felt like the following:

Referee Assistance and Rules Enforcement

Systems similar to DRS or Decision Referral System, Shot-Tracer, Snick-O-Meter, Radar Gun and the likes helped in the administration of delivering unbiased and fair experience in sport. All of these technologies tapped the fields of golf, cricket, football, lawn tennis, athletics and several other sports.

Reach and Media

From HDTV, high-speed cable, internet, applications, social media sites and blogs; all of it brought various sporting events deeper in our lives which ensures stronger engagement and broader connection between fans and sports.

Wearables and Equipment for Coaching and Training

These days, there are miniscule electronic devices that could be attached to the athlete’s clothing, footwear, equipment and body itself in an effort to monitor critical information similar to the following:

  • Stride
  • Heart rate
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Swing speed
  • Swing plane

Spectator Experience and Ticketing

Online ticketing ensured paperless and contactless transaction that opened up huge reach for organizers in improving their capability of filling in stadiums. Therefore, organizers worked harder in delivering enriching experience among audience via live HD screens, services on order as well as other in-stadium engagement services.

As a matter of fact, with the power of the internet, the utilization of online translation services has been put into used as well to cater foreign market. This helps in translating different pieces of information that enabled foreign audience to easily get in the know of the sport and on what is happening as well.

This is only the beginning. As mentioned earlier, technology keeps evolving and there will probably be new tech that will be introduced which can level up sports to a different height.